Short Stories

Has anyone ever told you.....?

Funke heard the train rumbled into the platform and ran up the stairs. "Darn, these heels. What made me wear this shoe today of all days when I was already running late?" She muttered to herself as she entered the last carriage. She spied a middle seat and made her way towards it panting heavily, securing the strap of her laptop bag on her shoulder.
"Excuse me please," she said to two Caucasian men sitting in the outer seats facing each other. Both were smartly dressed in the usual dark-blue suit typical of people who work in the city. As the men shifted, she wedged past them and sat down. She managed to put her laptop bag in between her legs - thank goodness she was wearing trousers.

Funke took out her iPad and flicked through to her bible application. She always tried to do her daily bible ready on her morning train journeys. It was not ideal for in-depth study but she tried to make the most of every free time she had. She initially thought there would be too much disruption and she would not be able to concentrate. But it seemed with this age of social media, most people commuting to work by train spent their journey either reading or listening to music, ignoring the world around them. There was hardly any conversation going on, which on one hand made it possible to read en route, but on the other hand the lack of social interaction was sad. Funke tuned everything out and focused on the passage she was reading.

He was sitting diagonally opposite her this morning. He had the newspaper opened in front of him partially hiding his face, but he fixed his eyes on her. My God, she was beautiful. Today she was wearing a coffee-coloured trouser suit. Her jacket covered a multi-coloured lemon top with ruffles down the front. When she made her way to the seat he could see that the trousers snugly fitted her long legs.
He’d first noticed her two weeks ago. His office had recently relocated to the city, and this meant his normal travel week- day route had changed. He still took the First Connect train from North Hertford, but he now sat at the rear of the train because the exit for his interchange was towards the back of the train. He had noticed her the first day he sat in the last carriage. Who wouldn’t notice this beautiful, exotic-looking young woman? When she passed him, the whiff of her perfume was what got him to lift up his head from his tablet, curious to see the person with the rose-smelling perfume. Since then, he was always on the lookout for her when the train stopped at her local station. The second day, when she entered the last carriage of the train, he said a silent thank you, God. It seemed she was also a creature of habit—same time, same carriage.

Funke got to verse fifteen of chapter sixteen and paused. As always she felt a niggle of guilt. The mandate that Jesus gave to the disciples was also applicable to every Christian. She was one of these special people set apart, yet she felt that she was failing in the only task that Jesus gave to them to do—preach the Gospel—tell someone about Jesus.
She looked around at the packed train carriage. Each day, her sense of guilt was the same. When would she have the courage to start a conversation with someone, trusting the Holy Spirit to guide her? Her Saturday mornings were committed for her church evangelism activities, but that was not enough. She should be boldly telling as many people as possible each day about Jesus. What better way than each day talking to someone on her train commute? There were so many unsaved souls.  Jesus, give me the courage and the boldness! She silently prayed.

She surreptitiously glanced at the five people seated in the same section of the train with her. Which one of these could she talk to? Her eyes met the guy seated diagonally across from her. She was shocked to see that his eyes had been on her. She quickly averted her eyes, but not before she noticed how good looking he was with deep-blue eyes. My God! He had been starring at her. Should she strike up a conversation with him and use the Soul-winning script by Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne? Nay, she thought, he was seated too far away. She focused her attention back on her reading. Lord, sorry the soul is willing but....maybe another day, Jesus.

Was this meeting part of God's plan? Funke and Mike's story

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