My Life Purpose and Mission

My vision as a leader is a world where leaders lead with integrity and serve their followers. I have an ambition to make a positive impact in the lives of people, particularly our youths, women and emerging leaders, contributing to developing and transforming them into great leaders for our generation. I formed an organisation called We CAN Leadership Institute ( with a group of friends through which we impact lives by equipping and empowering them with relevant leadership skills that are vital for success and influence.

I want to build We CAN into a first class organisation whose mission is to impact lives by equipping, empowering and enabling individuals and organisation to succeed. I want to use this medium to help people discover live purposeful and fulfilling lives. I want to challenge people and organisations to be leaders through the quality of their work and the content of their character.

I am using my experience to equip women on leadership skills to make them relevant in the home, careers and their community. I am mentoring youths through our youth leadership event focusing on developing their leadership and life skills.

I want to impact lives through We CAN Foundation with various initiatives including‘project impact lives and change communities’ which focuses on Social Entrepreneurship. I want to develop a self sustaining project that supports disadvantaged individuals or businesses with a social objective to becoming successful.

My vision will require passion, commitment, investment (financial and time) and collaboration with like minded individuals, groups and organisation.

I believe it is achievable through the working of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ who strengthens and empowers me.

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