Sunday, 21 February 2016

The birth of a new journey.

Launching my book; Beauty for Ashes in London and South Africa has been a blessing and affirmation of the next steps for this season of my life.

The story of Tola has taken a life of its own which I had not anticipated when I started writing the book. All I wanted was to tell her story and hoped it encouraged as many people as possible.

During the edit of the book, I realized that Tola was now a single matured parent in the Church. From my own life experience, this has its own lessons. I reflected on how lonely it could be even in the midst of brethren as a single matured adult -  whether single as a result of never been married, divorced or young widow; you don't really fit into the neat structures - singles (usually young under 30), women group - normally for married women. You are just there. 

It got me thinking about the sort of support Tola might get in the Church that would address not just her spiritual life but her circumstances.

A wonderful woman of God, on reading the book pointed out the mentoring relationship between Tola and Ma Rose; how this could be explored further in discussing questions a young single woman like Tola might have relating to divorce, remarriage, stigma, loneliness, and of course her spiritual growth.

It was like, wow! What an excellent idea. As I start work on the sequel; Wind Beneath My Wings, I will be taking time out to blog the conversations between Tola and Ma Rose on these different life questions. Remember Ma Rose has a similar experience like Tola. 

There are some challenges in life that it's only someone who has walked in that shoe that could really give experiential advice not just theory.

Join me as we start this journey into discovery.

If you haven't do get your copy of Beauty for Ashes, available through all major online bookstores. Whilst you are at it, get the latest in the series; Has Anyone Ever Told You...? The story of SISTA.

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