Thursday, 15 October 2015

Beauty for Ashes - Another Extract

“He said what?” Yvonne bit into the apple she had in her hand, wishing it was Kieran’s flesh. The nerve of the man! She had never really taken to him, even though the brother looked fine.
Yvonne’s sister, Celia laughed. She found the whole story hilarious. Tola was spending the Saturday afternoon with Yvonne and her family. Celia and her young daughter had come to spend the weekend. Tola had just finished relating what had happened between her and Kieran on the night he told her about his girlfriend’s second pregnancy.
“Seriously though, Tola, are you telling me he told you his girlfriend was pregnant and they were getting married but he really liked you and still wanted to continue seeing you?” Yvonne spoke so fast while chewing that Celia burst into laughter again. Hearing Yvonne capture a two-hour conversation into one sentence was so funny to Tola that she too started laughing.
Tola nodded. “Yes oh. He told me he did not love her … can you imagine … men.”
“Why is he marrying her if he does not love her?” Yvonne paused, took another bite of apple, chewed rapidly and continued, “Why is he even with her?”
“Maybe he is with her out of bad habit!” Celia responded and the three women burst into gales of laughter.
Tola pointed to Celia and exclaimed. “A bad habit that he enjoys!” They laughed again.

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