Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Beauty for Ashes - Synopsis

Her dream was to get married and live happily ever after but every man she fell in love with always chose someone else.  She got married at twenty but became a single parent by the time she was twenty-four. Tola spent the next sixteen years of her life searching for love that kept eluding her. She was looking for love and security, but made one bad choice after the other.
Then, one fateful day she met him, the love of her life, who promised her heaven on earth. Would he keep his promises or was she settling for a future of love and hope in the wrong place yet again. Will she survive another shattered promise of forever?

This is a story of betrayal, hope, forgiveness and love; a story of how the right relationship, with the One who matters, can turn a life from ashes to beauty.

Out December 2015

Adeola is a born again child of 
God. She has dedicated her life to positively impacting her world through her writing, teachings, mentoring and coaching. Adeola is the founder of We CAN Leadership Institute and We CAN Foundation.

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