Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Beauty for Ashes - Extract

“I know people might think that Abiola and I rushed into the marriage, Tope. I loved and dated a guy for five years, it came to nothing.  How long do you date someone before you know you want to marry them? Five years, five days, five weeks? The experience with Bode had taught me that we take a gamble on the future we want by the decisions we make today. I don’t know what the future will bring, but what I do know is that Abiola loved me enough to want to marry me. Should I have waited to date him for five years? For what? I thought I knew Bode inside out but I found out that you might love someone but you never can know what decisions they will make in the future. My future with Abiola was a risk I was willing to take. Long courtship does not give you guaranteed future happiness,” Tola said.

How long should a courtship be? What is your view?

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