Friday, 27 March 2015

Lily of the Valley - Sneak Preview

He was already talking into the walk talkie as he got off the train and sprinted along the platform. He recited the secret code as he approached the station assistant and whispered into his ears. Immediately, the station assistant went to the control panel and punched in some numbers. Without waiting to see him complete the task, the man started running to the end of the platform.
"Hold the train in the tunnel. Our spider is on board ready to trap. Need to fast track," he spoke into the walkie-talkie in lowered but urgent voice. He got to a door and swiped his security card on the panel. He walked into the office and met two plain cloth SIS officers already tracking the train in the tunnel.
"Hey Mike, good job. We have made contact with the driver and told him to announce a delay due to an incidence at the next station." Since the July 7, 2005 attack by Islamic fundamentalist on London public transportation which led to fifty-two deaths and hundreds of injuries, all London Underground stations had been equipped with counter-terrorism incidence rooms with 24-hour teams for any potential or real threats. This one was buzzing with activities.
"Great Jim. That will give Sierra Tango 141 and 152 time to get things ready at Station Y and wait for the train. He is seated in carriage 3 near exit A." Mike looked at the tracking monitor and noted that his two colleagues were already on the platform.
"This is Sierra Tango 152, Y is closed and platform cleared. Millipede coming in now. Over."

Jim turned to Mike and they both watched as the train pulled slowly into the Platform. "Do you have any idea of the content?" Jim asked.
"No, he was not carrying any bag. I suspected that it was tied around him."
"Why did you decide to take action now instead of the museum?" Jim asked. He had been surprised to get the signal from Mike from the last station.
"I got a sign from a little girl…" Mike could not believe it himself. He had been following the quarry after their security detail had been given a tip-off. Their plan was to arrest the guy on exit at South Kensington. This was scuppered by the appearance of the little girl – who had decided to make friends with the guy.
"Sierra Tango 141 here…over." The voice came over the walkie-talkie.
"Yes Sierra Tango 141, this is Alpha 001 come in…over," Mike responded

"All secured…all secured. Release train…over and out." Mike turned to Jim and the few men in the room and gave a nod.

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