Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I won't call myself a feminist but I love empowered women

In 2008, God gave me a vision. I saw, in my mind people who love Jesus living as the 'salt' of the earth and the 'light' of the world. A new generation of people who lead through their inspiring life; who are influencers in all corridors of life through the quality of their work and the content of their character.

I became passionate about doing something to make this happen. After all, I reckoned, who better than to be the light than these 'peculiar' people - the royal priests unto God Almighty. The people that has been called forth to show the praises of Him who is All in All. The people that has been blessed with every spiritual blessings to live a life of abundance.

I had an holy discontent. Of these same people, only a minority are truly light of the world and salt of the earth. Why, I wondered? Then the light bulb moment can you really light up your world without the right character? How can you add value as the salt when you do shoddy job? The basic skills that is evident in the lives and work of people who are impacting their world despite not knowing God is missing - leadership skills. From catching a revelation (vision), to setting goals, interpersonal skills to self development, from maximizing time to discipline and so forth. I saw a big gap and it saddened me. So I decided to take action. We CAN Leadership Institute was birth from this discontent.

The name came to me, sitting under the teaching of Mr David Molapo in my home Church Mt Zion, Pretoria South Africa in 2008. He has ICAN Foundation. God gave me We CAN - do all things through Jesus Christ (from Philippians 4:13).

I love teaching and I am passionate about leadership - the ability to influence people by the quality of your work and the content of your character. Since 2008, with like minded sisters, brothers and friends, we have done leadership training mostly in Africa in the Church and community; focusing on Women and Youths. We have seen many of the participants become leaders who are serving and influencing.

In all our leadership events, we take current life issues and explore it from practical and spiritual perspectives. To be a leader, you must be a solution provider. We live in the world and we have to influence the world. To influence you need knowledge and information combined with God given wisdom. These is an awesome combination for one who is the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

I am excited to start the UK work with the first Women Leadership Seminar and Dinner on the 28th of February 2015, at the Proud Archivist, 2-20 Hertford Road. N1 5ET from 5pm to 8pm. The theme for the event is My Inestimable Brand. Book on Eventbrite

We live in the digital age - social media has taken over our lives - who can live successfully without internet I wonder. With all its benefit there is also its downside. Employers look at your social media profile and presence as part of their recruitment process, potential business partners checks out your doings and sayings on the internet, friends' perception of you is being altered daily by your Facebook wall. The present and real terrorist attack has given the powers that be the right to monitor your life through these electronic communication system.

On a more positive note, the digital age also provides an astonishing opportunity for success by reaching far and wide for business, for ministry, for innovation, you name it. It is providing opportunity to communicate and be in each other's life whether we want to or not. Basically if you are on any social media platform your life is out there for the public. What they read about you, what they know about you from what is available helps to form an opinion of you - who you are, your values and this becomes your personal brand.

The time to take leadership of our personal brand is now. We need to be educated on how to craft the personal brand we want not that which is given to us by other's perception of us through whatever means.

At this seminar we will learn what makes up our personal brand and why it is important. We will learn how to protect and value our brand. We will also learn how to use social media to our advantage for the success we want to achieve.

I am looking forward to meeting old friends and new ones, and having an educative and exciting time with women who are empowered to step out to live a life of purpose. 

Our speakers and artistes are inspirational, against all odds, they are living as light of the world and salt of the earth.

Natalie Clue
With an ardent passion for all thing beauty, Natalie Clue is the Founder of Keziah Connections. She has many years of experience, working within an industry that she loves.

Liz Segun-Kingsley
Liz Segun-Kingsley is a trained consultant in Women and Domestic Violence. She’s the visionary for SAFE ARMS, an organisation that campaigns against domestic violence in UK and Africa. 

A young beautiful woman, Theresa Lola is poet from London, whose poems are a conscious representation of the issues relevant to society like violence, social set ups and equality.

Theresa Lola
Desola is a UK based singer/ songwriter, gospel artist and worship leader who is in love with God and passionate for the gospel to be heard through all generations. Her debut album launched in December 2014 titled “Rest” expresses that yielding to God and doing his will brings you to a place of rest


  1. I have known Adeola for over 3 years now but I have picked life lessons that has moved me over 10 years ahead of myself. Adeola loves God so much so that she never finishes a sentence without giving you an indication of where her heart is. When you meet Adeola and after her first sentence/statement and you still ask whether she is a Christian then there might have been something very wrong with you or you are not talking to Adeola.
    By her inspiration and encouragement my book "A Letter to My Son" is going through editing and my organisation "Inspire Achievers" has picked up. Through Adeola I have come to realise that inspiration and faith is really really contagious. God bless you my sister, former Boss, mentor and inspirer.

    1. All glory belongs to God Eric. You are highly favoured of the LORD.