Saturday, 21 February 2015

Who is Adeola Akintoye?

I am first and foremost the daughter of the Most High Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything in it. 
Career wise, I am a chartered accountant with master’s degree in business information technology. I have worked in various leadership roles for International Non Governmental Organisation in a career spanning over twenty years. During this time, I led the transformation of financial management team into a key strategic business function that provides effective business support to the whole organisation.

My passion is to transfer knowledge, develop and empower people to discover, harness and maximize their talents, thus enabling them to live a fulfilled life. As a committed Christian, my personal vision is to live a life that glorifies God, be the ‘light of the world’ and the ‘salt of the earth’ through serving and adding value to the lives of other people. 
After seeking God to understand His plans for my life, I took a step of faith in 2011 to live out my calling - to share the good news through writing inspirational life changing books after setting up We CAN Leadership Institute in 2008.

My first book, ‘Discovering my Purpose’ chronicled my journey into living a purposeful life. My second book, ‘Living a Fearless Life’ described what God taught me about overcoming my fears in order to life a joyful and fulfilled life. I have also published two series of ‘1001 Leadership Tips for Emerging Leaders’; words of wisdom and knowledge to develop those aspiring to impact their world as leaders. 

I bring together inspiration women to share their insights into today's event that impact our lives. Together with like-minded women, we lift up other women to be all they can be for themselves, their families, their communities and to the glory of the Almighty God.
God blessed me with three beautiful daughters who fill my days with sunshine.

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