Monday, 5 January 2015

The pain of death

Mr Jones smiled as the well wishers walked up to him and his wife. They offered their condolences in that hushed tone that was starting to grate on his nerves. He could feel the anger bubbling inside of him... He felt the fingers of his wife tightened in his hands. It was as if she knew the rage that was threatening to erupt like a volcano from the depth of his soul.

As he smiled, no one could imagine the silent and vicious thoughts going on in his mind - 'Who is this God? Why would he let my daughter die in her prime. She loved him. She called him her Father, the Almighty God; the One that can do all things. If he is so Mighty and can do all things, why did he not cure her of the cancer. How could such a father watch his own daughter suffer for three years in pain and then eventually let her die? He could have taken her immediately the cancer was diagnosed if he knew the end from the beginning. Parents were meant to be buried by their children, yet he let them bury their own daughter. What about the long life he promised those who faithfully served him? Didn't she serve him enough? If he did not cure her for her, what about for her three young children? How will her husband cope? Why God? Why??'

Is Mr Jones' story familiar? Have you lost a loved one and the hurt is unbearable? Are you or your loved ones going through a life threatening health challenges and you are asking God why? 

The answer is closer than you think. Get a copy of my book 'Living a Fearless Life' by Adeola Akintoye. Let God open your eyes to His truth. Even in your tears you will rejoice.
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