Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fear of the Barren Woman

 "No...God...No," Karen screamed silently. She was seating on the toilet seat holding her head with her two hands, tears running down her cheeks. She pressed her head together as if to blot out the darkness that was threatening to overwhelm her.

 It was the same every month for the last four years. When would it happen for her? She sobbed. Every month, she dreaded that time of the month. She really thought this month was it after being two weeks late - until the cramps started earlier that evening.

"Karen, are you alright ?" Josh knocked softly on the bathroom door. She had been there for over an hour now. He opened the door and saw his wife sobbing without making a sound, but with deep anguish. He rushed in and knelt in front of her. Josh pulled her into his arms on the bathroom floor and rocked her. He felt so helpless. He was seeing his bubbly wife become a shadow of herself. She had become totally consumed with having a child. "It's going to be alright sweetheart..." He whispered. "We have all the time in the world. Our child will come in due time." He tried to calm her down.

After five years of marriage, Josh dreaded the time of the month when Karen got the evident of not being pregnant. Her depression had gradually moved from five days to the whole month in the past year. Nothing he did could bring her out of it. Her parents could do nothing. His parent could not assure her enough of their love for her. Karen felt guilty for not being able to get pregnant. Her depression had started affecting her work and eventually she had given six months sabbatical to get some help. Two months ago, she started having therapy for clinical depression......

To be continued.

Are you like Karen waiting for the fruit of the womb? Don't give up hope. God has promised us fruitfulness and He is not man that should lie. There is no need to fear being barren.
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