Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The fear of love

She hurt him so badly. He gave her his heart...his whole world. Everything he did revolved around her. They had known each other since they were in primary school. He remembered telling his parent the first day he met her in class 3B, that he had met his future wife. He laughed wryly, remembering. What did he know about marriage. Nevertheless, she became the center of his world. 

They started 'formally' dating in secondary school and they went to the same University. He proposed on the day of their graduation. Even through his joy at her acceptance, he could sense the hesitation. 'I am going to the UK,' she told him a few weeks later. But they never planned this! Okay, it's not too late, he thought. He started thinking how he would join her. He linked her up with his cousin who had relocated there when they were in secondary school. At least he would help her to settle down until he can join her.

His world came tumbling down when he received the letter in his hands. Tears fell unheedingly down his face, making a small pool on the piece of paper and eventually soaking it. She and his cousin married a month ago. 'Please try to understand and forgive me,' she said. 'We could not help it. It was love at first sight'.
Love my foot! He screamed soundlessly. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE BOTH OF THEM AS LONG AS I LIVE.


Have you been hurt so bad that you felt your heart was being stabbed over and over and over? Have you made a decision never to let anyone into  your heart? Now you have built a wall around your heart so thick and so high no-one can penetrate through? You think you are okay on your own, yet you feel the loneliness?

I have a great news for you. There is no need to fear opening your heart to love...again.

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Be Blessed.