Friday, 12 December 2014

Beauty for Ashes - the story continues

Seriously, I have been writing. Okay, sometimes I do take time off writing but I have been quite diligent in waking up early most week days and Saturday to put pen to paper. Ha..the life of an author!

Sleep is sweet. I never knew how much until I had to be getting up early each day. There was always that voice that tells you how good sleep was...'just turn over and have some more sleep. You will write another day. ' Thank God for the nice voice that said...' A little sleep, a little slumber the pages remain blank!'

Those blank pages gets me up all the time. Even if I wrote just two pages, I would be on high the whole day.

Tola's story in Beauty for Ashes is taking an interesting turn than I had anticipated when I started about a year ago. I am continually amazed by how much she had experienced in her young life. I shared three chapters of the book on a Christian forum at for their critique. I have to say, I got some very challenging critique. They were not negative critique but some reflected on the character of Tola which gave me a pause to reflect on my own life because I could relate to Tola's experiences to a certain extent. 

One one hand, it was illuminating to see how Tola's character is taking on life and having a real impact, and I am looking forward to how she continues to grow and mature. On the other hand, based on Tola's story, I can see some similar character traits in me that made me reflected on my own life. How awesome is that! Writing Tola's story is already changing a life...mine. 

I would like to tell you about it but you will have to attend one of my book launch/signing events by God's grace.

Watch out for my next extract from Beauty for Ashes.

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