Friday, 7 November 2014

Plan, Prioritize and Focus's been a while since I wrote a blog. I kept meaning to but one thing or the other always crops up. When you discover your passion, you are so excited and you get started but end up with many things you are trying to do - all at the same time. Yep, that sounds like me. I have work-in-progress novel, I have a spiritual blog which I try ('try' being the operative word) to write once a week; I also coordinate the We CAN Leadership Institute blogs from guest writers (by the way do check the insightful blog by Tunde Disu - I started an African Women Writers network - Sista Writer Network - to uplift and support each other and this has gotten a lot on interest which is exciting. But my plate keeps getting added to. All good but makes me think of FOCUS.

I only have 24 hours in a day; I have to sleep, eat, study my bible, spend time with my girls but how do I do all this? Oh yeah, did I mention that I was planning a Total Woman (UK)  leadership seminar. And, I have recently registered We CAN Foundation as a Social Enterprise ( and am already planning Youth leadership skills training here in London. And I have a full time day job. Did I hear you say 'What!' That's right: What!! 

Writing these down now, I'm repeating WHAT!! Am I a super woman? No. So here is what am thinking - I need to plan, prioritize and focus. First thing is to  postpone the women's seminar to next year February by God's grace. I need to finish the Beauty for Ashes, this means writing every day even if it's one line (Holy Spirit help me). The blogs; We CAN, Spiritual and this author blog are quite important. My plan thus is to get all the guest writers for We CAN already sorted for the next three to six months. I will do the Spiritual blog every weekend when I do most of my bible study. I will write in the Author blog as at when I get inspired - no pressure. This is the plan.

What about the others? I will think about those later! Seriously, I had to ask myself why I'm doing all these things. I realized that with my clear vision of living a God focused life, a mission of equipping and empowering people with leadership skills and knowledge. Using the gift and passion He had already put in me, everything I do must contribute towards achieving this mission. All the things I listed above are relevant for my God given mission on this earth and would directly contribute to my success. Because of the work I need to do, I have changed my way of life. I have eliminated any activity that would not take me towards this vision for example excessive TVs, weekend parties, gossip-filled conversations and the like.

It is hard work but as the saying goes, 'there is no gain without pain.' 

I hope my reflection is helpful to you. If you have a God-given mission, what are you doing about it? Plan, prioritize and focus.

Shalom (peace).

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