Monday, 17 November 2014

Home Sweet Home

I stepped out of the Murtala Mohammed Airport Into the cool night, walking with my dear mum looking fervently for a 'Maruwa car' to carry us to the temporary car park half a mile from the airport. Of course, there was none in sight. 

Lagos, dusty, congested yet so vibrant. This city where things get done and undone. During my recent visit, I looked at this beloved city with a new eye. Many outside the country have been hearing and concerned about the Ebola threat. Many felt that Lagos will be a city that the virus would spread like a bush fire because of the congestion, unhygienic practises, general living standard and lack of adequate health care system.

I spent a week, going out every day expecting to see people panicked by the threat. Yet everyone was going about their daily routines - public buses were still packed, open markets day and night still flourished. And I wonder how this virus had not spread.

The government have done well containing the spread -the international border health screening, banks and schools have instituted daily temperature checks, hand sanitisers - oh yes, this has now developed into a thriving million Naira business for many people - supplying schools and banks. The 99c and $1 shops in United Kingdom and America are running out of stock as Nigerians raided the shops to bulk buy and send to Nigeria to sell. Customs officers are making mint charging unnecessary duties but hey this is Lagos.

There is no one that can convince me that the mercy of God is not on this beautiful nation. If God were to judge; our idolatry worships and tendencies, lawlessness, corrupt practises, abusive languages that we use against each other and inter- tribal hatred - the virus would have wiped out many in the nation. It had everything it needed to spread rapidly and fatally. But for the mercy of God. Let's continue to intercede for our nation.

I love my country, I no go lie. I thank God that we were spared the horrific impact of the virus. At the same time, I pray for our West African brothers that continues to fight this deadly enemy.

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