Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The sheer force of will

I love my sleep. Seriously, I can take my time before I go to bed but to get up early in the morning is another thing; at least not anytime before nine a.m. Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury anymore.

It takes the sheer force of will and discipline to get up anytime before six a.m. I learnt recently about the importance of discipline. I am now learning the equal importance of will.

Will is defines as the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course action (The Free Dictionary)

Some months ago, I made a decision that would help me to complete my current book by a set date. That decision was for me to wake up everyday except Sundays at five a.m. to write.

Each day faithfully, the Holy Spirit does wake me up but, friends sleep is sweet! I thank God for the ability to sleep because I know many people suffer from insomnia (difficulty in getting to sleep or staying asleep long enough). Being able to sleep and sleep long is definitely a blessing that should not be taken for granted.

For me, my bed calls me back each time I woke up. Instead of getting up immediately, I would be lying there thinking..Just a few more minutes. Until images of that unfinished book starts flashing through my mind. And I know sleeping is not what would get it finished.

Sometimes, I would start getting insights whilst still lying there - did I tell you I get most of my inspirations in the early mornings like that?. The words would be downloading in my head and the thought..You need to write this down NOW. I have realized that if I don't write what am thinking as soon as possible, I would lose most of the message. I needed to get up and write it down now.

This morning, I woke up to time as usual. I was lying there trying to get just a few minutes more sleep, then the images and thoughts came: the unfinished book, unwritten blog, my finances still linked to 9-5 job, that vision that might never be realized, that purpose of God for my life never being fulfilled all because of just a few more minute of sleep every day. 

Oh my word! that image was enough, by sheer force of will, I sat up and got out of bed, still with sleep in my eyes, took out my laptop and while it was booting up made myself a cup of tea. Work began. 

By the time I started typing the sleep had disappeared. The result - this blog. One objective towards my vision accomplished.

It is this will that gets me up everyday. If you have a vision, with everything you need, you need the will to make it come to reality. Without that will, it would be easy to procrastinate, give up, give in and never make it happen.

What is your vision or that goal you want to achieve? Without the will to succeed, failure will happily be your bed-mate.

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