Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sneak Preview - Beauty for Ashes. The betrayal. Can anything hurt Tola more than this?

Hello friends,
It's been a while! I can't say I have been busy in the past few months progressing with the story of Abiola and Tola. I have procrastinated a little bit, I have to confess. But, glory be to God, Adeola got her groove back! I am now over half way done and I've been getting some really useful feedback from my critique friends @ www.authonomy.com where I have put the first three chapters of the book. So, if you want to read a bit more check out the site.
Enjoy another unedited extract below. I love hearing from you because you continue to inspire me to bring forth what God has put in me. Till later, shalom (peace).
PS: I have used my daughter's picture below taken by her friend @laboriginalphotography. I thought this captured Tola's mood at this particular time in her life.

Unedited extract 11 June 2014

“I’m meeting up with Fred to hang out. I’ve been cooped up in the house all day.” He responded as he shaved. Tola leaned on the bathroom doorway and starred at him. Meeting up with Fred my foot!
“So..you are shaving and putting on cologne to meet up with Fred?”
“Tola, you know I need to shave every day and I've only just had my bath today.” He looked at her through the mirror.
“You have been going out virtually every evening this week. Can you stay in this evening? It would be nice to have some time together.” She asked him trying not to raise her voice.
“I wish I could, but I promised Fred.”
“I’m sure he would understand, Abiola.”
“I can’t do that Tola. I have to keep my promise.”
That did it! It was the fuel that lit the fire.
“What do you mean you have to keep your promise? To Fred? What about your marriage vows to me?” Tola could not disguise her anger. She turned and went to take the letter she had kept. Abiola entered their room as she brought out the letter from her chest of drawers.

“Is this how you keep your promise Abiola? By having an affair barely two years into our marriage? Is this how you keep your promise to love and to honor till death us do part? By letting me nearly go out of my mind with worry when you disappeared for two weeks even missing your daughter’s christening because you were shackled up with a singer?” Tola was now shouting at the top of her voice, tears streaming down her face. Abiola stood there not saying anything, just looking at her.
Tola sat on the bed and refused to give in to the desire to cry out in pain. The tears were still falling but she remained calm. She felt as if her heart was being stabbed again…and again.

Is this the end for Abiola and Tola?

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