Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Taking that step to discover my purpose

'Discovering my Purpose' was the first book I wrote and published. This book detailed my actions, reflections, learning and thoughts during a period in my life that I dedicated to know God better and hear from Him with regard to my purpose in life.

When I rededicated my life to Christ in 2006 and started growing in the LORD, the question that kept coming into my heart was; why am I on earth? Why did God create me? What am I meant to achieve here? The more I asked these questions, the more I began to feel discontented with my current way and approach to life. The need to know led to the decision to take time out of my normal work life and focus my energy on waiting on the LORD.

I know some people might not be able to take six months’ sabbatical with no income. Yet, I truly believe that if you are going through a similar season of discontent; asking yourself similar questions to mine and having a desire to live a life that is focused on God, you would need to find time to focus on Jesus and let Him lead you by means of His Word, your experiences and encounters. Every child of God has a purpose to achieve on this earth. Some of us need to dig deep to find it. I have learnt that it takes courage to choose to live that purpose.

I left my full-time employment with an international NGO to work full-time in We CAN with no secure income. As I began this journey I took with me these five things I learnt while discovering my purpose and will keep learning as I live my purpose:

 Trust: A life of purpose is a life that totally trusts God and trusts in God, who alone knows your future and can direct your steps towards this. Your circumstances might be saying the opposite of what you believe, but trust the Word of God for your life.

 Vision: A life of purpose is one that has a clear God-given vision. This vision is what will keep you focused and get you going. It is what will make you take those steps one by one, day by day, knowing that each step is getting you nearer to the vision.

 Focus: A life of purpose is one that is focused on achieving the vision and living with God-directed goals. Distractions of life, whether orchestrated by the enemy or not, will tempt you to lose your focus, but you must not take your eyes off your vision.

 Determination: A life of purpose is to be determined to achieve that purpose. It takes determination to achieve your goals. It takes determination to work and walk through the challenges of life.

Hard work: A life of purpose is working hard to achieve your goals. There is nothing worth achieving that is handed over on a silver platter.

Life is a journey. I am excited to continue mine under the leadership and direction of the Holy Spirit.

You can read more about my six months sabbatical in my book; Discovering my Purpose, available through all major online book stores (or at . 

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