Monday, 21 April 2014

Beauty for Ashes - Sneak Preview 3: A tough life for Tola

         Unedited extract 3

           She scrubbed the insides of the toilet vigorously to get the stains out. She refused to give in to the tears that were simmering in her eyes. She needed the job to look after herself and her daughter. She had no choice at this time of her life.

She was in full time studies during the week and she worked as a chambermaid in Hotels at weekends. She was fortunate that her school fees were paid for through government grant and she was able to get benefits that paid for her flat rent. But her daughter needed a child-minder when she was in school, there was no benefit for that, she needed clothing and feeding, not to mention her siblings that she was sending money on a monthly basis to support their education.

Hard work never kills….at least that’s what she heard when she was growing up. Cleaning up after some rich people who did not know how to clean after themselves is only for a short time. She was looking forward to completing her studies and getting that Accountancy qualification.

She looked at her hands after putting the toilet brush back into its holder. They were no longer soft and supple but hard and calloused. It’s surprising the difference that six months of pushing the housekeeping trolley - full of bed sheets, towels, toiletries, snacks and other things they leave in the room for the guests- can make.
Every day she worked, she woke up with back ache then she did it all over again; pushing the trolley, cleaning up rooms, cleaning the toilets, making up the beds, dusting and leaving everything ‘spike and span’ as her supervisor would say.

She had no friends – she takes her room allocation sheet and get to work. She worked for ten hours with thirty minutes lunch for a little above minimum wages. Tola shrugged her shoulders as she pushed the trolley to the next room. It’s just for a little while.

Beauty for Ashes. A story of betrayal, forgiveness, hope and love.

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