Friday, 21 February 2014

A writer's reflection

Writing can be so easy when the words are swimming in your head and flowing swiftly through your fingers as you type. It can also be frustrating when the sentences are not coming together and reflecting what you want to communicate.

Many times I wish I had taken my English language classes very seriously - I'm having to go back to basics - and with hindsight maybe taken the English literature subject options.

But, I did not like English literature at all, having to dissect a book; characters, style of writing, construct and so forth. I just wanted to enjoy the story not bother with objective analysis of the book.

I found it difficult to follow the Shakespearean English and other English literature classics, but enjoyed Chinua Achebe's classic. If I had known that writing would be an avenue of living out my purpose, would things have been different? Hm I'm not really sure, even now there are some books that I don't easily relate to the writing style and would rather not read, and there are some that really flows into my soul.
Writers have different styles, different thought processes, information they want to relay or stories they want to tell, and the audience are different. I am comfortable with my writing style; simple, straight from the heart without the use of words that you would need a dictionary to translate. My audience is for anyone who love Africa and who loves Jesus. For me, it's not about writing what people will buy but to communicate the words that my God has put in my heart, staying true to my African roots.

One thing though, that is important to all writers, irrespective of their genre is constructing good sentences, avoiding grammatical errors and bad language. This means I have to go back to basics to learn all those things in English that I have forgotten or did not pay attention to my English teacher, Miss what was her name again?

Till next time

(PS: Apologies for bad sentence construct, grammatical errors or any bad language!)

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