Saturday, 18 January 2014

To write or not to write

My fearless book (Living a fearless Life) is becoming a source of encouragement as I write my first inspirational fiction. The words are buzzing in my head but to get it on paper is the challenge. How I wish there is an electronic gadget that would take what is in my mind and auto translate into a finished product. I can but wish!

I read in one of the inspirational writers' blog that writing is a lonely endeavour. You sit in front of your laptop (or typewriter - does anyone still use this?) and you try to get the words out in writing. You are not sure whether anyone would want to buy the finished product anyway, but you just have to get the words out; so you continue in your lonely room. I have read some great books that encourages me to keep on and learn more, no matter how lonely it gets.

So why do I write? I came to the conclusion that I can't not write. Every one of us has a gift, when you discover yours it brings joy and peace into your heart. I write because the words in my heart has to be shared and communicated.

Do I expect to become a best selling author? why not.. but it is not my motivation. I have been inspired by so many writers and I believe I can also inspire someone through the books God has inspired me to write.

Are you an aspiring writer? Do you have all these words you need to share with people? Be encouraged...just write.

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