Monday, 27 January 2014

Time to let go of your fear

''I don't think I can do this.''
''I'm not good enough.''
''My passion is for... but how do I make ends meet if I go for it.''

Any of these sound familiar? I have said these and many more limiting statements at various times in my life. We know that where we are is not where we can be; the job that makes us so miserable and causes us to struggle to get out of bed every morning, yet fear of financial insecurity keeps you going. Your day-to-day activities have no meaning yet the routine gives you a sense of familiarity. The relationship that erodes your self-respect day by day, yet you can't just bear to be single so you take whatever crumbs you are handed...

When we are fearful of taking the risk to do something new because we are comfortable with our current circumstances, we might be missing out on a better life.

In my latest book, Living a Fearless Life, I explored the fears that I have faced in my life; the fear of loneliness, financial insecurity, death, love, barrenness and a few more. 

Many people would not admit to being fearful because it is perceived as a sign of weakness. I don't see it like that, acknowledging your problem is the beginning to dealing with it.

We are alive for a short time, no one knows what can happen in the next second and we must maximise every single second of the time we have on earth.

Take that risk of doing something that makes you happy. Be with someone that supports you to be all the best you can be and be YOU.

It's time to let go of your fear... Get a copy of Living a Fearless Life  and start living!

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